Bag Scanner

Bag Scanner Solution:


X-Ray, L Shaped, Includes 17′ LCD Monitor, Tunnel Size 500(W) × 300(H)mm


X-Ray, L Shaped, Includes Controller, LCD Monitor, Tunnel Size 650(W) × 500(H)mm


X-Ray, L Shaped, Includes Controller, Dual Monitor, Tunnel Size 800(W) × 650(H)mm

Key Features

  • .22m/s tunnel speed
  • 170kg max conveyor load
  • 43mm steel penetration
  • Intelligent image processing for clear and easy to read scans
  • 1024×1280 display resolution
  • 24bit real time image processing
  • Stores up to 60000 images in real time
  • up to 16× zoom
  • Color coding to distinguish objects for easier processing