Face Payroll ( A complete payroll management):


Face Payroll is a computer program that manages a company’s payroll requirements.


Support your work just with a click!

  • Personnel administration to manage the employee lifecycle.
  • Competence analysis to enable human resources to define the organization's skills matrix and to identify strengths of employees and applicants.
  • Recruitment support, to collect applicant data and competencies and track the hire process with business alerts and reminder tasks.
  • Absence monitoring and tracking for full absence management reporting.
  • Employee travel and expense handling
  • Microsoft Word and Excel integration to automate the creation of employee and applicant letters, forms and reports based on master file data.

Face Payroll is necessary in order to ensure that a company’s employees are paid accurately and on time. The great thing about an efficient payroll system is that you do not need to have a comprehensive understanding of complicated payroll legislation or systems in order to manage your payroll – the software will do all the hard work for you! Face payroll system will ensure that your year-end reports and pay slips are archived. This could be very convenient should you ever require copies of these documents at a later stage. These programs can also be structured to include annual leave information and timesheets, which record the hours worked and attendance of employees.


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User Defined Salary

Salary formula.

Professional Tax alb ( State wise)

Create your own Salary Structure.

Pay slip Generation.

Salary Heads Detail

Monthly Salary Register.

Salary Statement Depositing in Bank.

Salary Cheque Statement.

Salary Slip.

Bunas Details


Leave Management System:

User Defined Leave types.

Leave Balance Details.

Leave Approvals.

Leave Rules.