Attendence solution

Face Time and Attendance management:


Simplify your time tracking!


Over a period from the age of industrialization to today’s Internet world, time & attendance still remains a critical function & even concern for every HR. Face Time and Attendance management systems feature powerful and easy to use software bundled with the world’s most advanced finger print time clock and punching features.


Why Time and Attendance Management System? Core features:

  1.  Time and Attendance management System helps cutting down administrative time
  2. The software can eliminate human error while calculating time
  3. The software can monitor and analyze absence to reduce loss
  4. Face Time and Attendance management System can improve organizational efficiency
  5. The software can be integrated with Payroll Management System for further processing
  6. Calculation of leaves is just a click away
  7. Minimum working hours, Half day rules, early exit rules can be feed in the system
  8. Manage multiple check in - check out, duty hour calculation
  9. Manage Grace Time / Late / Haft day / Extra Work Day or Hours
  10. Strike Day Management
  11. CL / SL / EL or PL / Restricted Holidays
  12. Employee Management – Part Time employee attendance/ Enable-Disable
  13. The Attendance Management System can provide multiple reports as per your need